About Me

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I‘m Caroline Mukiira, IBM’s Middle East and Africa Leader for New Customer Acquisition and Product Led Growth, responsible for incremental revenue growth across 70 countries in the Middle East & and Africa.

As a trailblazer in the tech industry, I embarked on my career during the 90s Internet Boom. Joining Nairobi Net Online at 18 after graduating from Kenya High School, I sold internet services, discovering my passion for technology.
After a stint, I pursued a Computer Science degree at Bowling Green State University, becoming the only black female in my cohort.

I am the author of the blog “Demystifying Exponential Technologies: A Guide to Understanding the Future of Innovation.”

I am passionate about transforming the world through technology. I believe that in this new era of Cloud, Quantum Computing, AI, Internet of Things, and Nanotechnology, nearly every enterprise will become a technology company. In my role at IBM, I am excited to help organizations harness technology to re-invent, develop new business models, and digitally transform their operations to achieve growth.

I have been recognized as one of Top 25 Most Influential CEO’s impacting business, Top 20 Digital Economy Leaders, Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Kenya impacting the c-suite, Top 25 Women in Digital, Top 30 Women in Technology, and a member of the prestigious Forbes Technology Council.

I obtained my master’s degree in management and economics from Columbia University in New York City and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I currently serve on the board of the American Chamber of Commerce Kenya.